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Common Questions and Actions - Easy Family Law

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                                            Easy Family Law - Common Questions and Answers                                                   

Q: I have found an out-of-date Family Doc. What can I do to correct this?
A: We strive to keep all of our documents up-to-date, but sometimes one falls through the cracks.

​If, while using Family Docs, you have noticed an outdated form, first be sure you are on the latest version of CIS, then contact, informing us of the update needed. If possible, please provide a copy of the updated form, so that we can verify and ensure that we use the new version with the next release.

Q: I see a life expectancy error after launching Divorce Financials
A: This error happens specifically in Windows Vista due to a compatibility file issue.

Use the following steps to resolve the problem:
1) Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Easy Soft\Divorce Financials
2) Look for a file called CDF.dfd and highlight it.
3) In the toolbar above, click on the compatibility files button
4) Delete the CDF.dfd file that is in there.
5) Close explorer and re-launch Divorce Financials

Q: Can I see the withholding calculations for other legal dependent children from other relationships in CIS?
A: Withholding calculations only consider the number of children covered under the guidelines for which support is being sought.

Q: When do I use a Shared Parenting Worksheet?
A: Both of these conditions must be met for the shared parenting worksheet to be used:  

1. % of overnights with PAR is 28% or greater (e.g., two or more overnights (ON) per week) excluding 
     extended vacations.  
2. PPR Household Income Test: ALL PPR income, including CS Award, must not be below 200% of the poverty 
    rate for a family of that size.

Q: I've upgraded to the Real Estate Suite. How do I add Family Docs to my CIS Program?
A: Now that you are licensed for Family Docs, you should be prompted to install your forms upon entering the Family Docs tab. If you do not see this prompt, and you only see sample forms, You can download your forms from the following links:

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