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CIS - Family Docs - Adding a New Template

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                                                          Adding a New Template to Family Docs                                                              

We provide you with various state forms in Family Docs, However we understand that you may have your own forms that you would like to populate the program with, as well.

To Insert your templates into Family Docs:

1. You will need to locate your Templates Folder on your Machine (Our Default Location is C:\Easy Soft Data\CIS Templates)
2. Locate the document you wish to add (You will need your document in .rtf or.doc format)
3. Copy and Paste the File into the CIS Templates Folder

User-added image

User-added image

4. Go back to your Family Docs Tab, and click REFRESH
You will now see your document listed under User Templates
User-added image
You can now Edit or Insert Fields into your document

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